Course Curriculum

    1. Pre-Course Questionnaire

    2. Get Support And Post Your Homeplay Here! FACEBOOK GROUP

    1. Psychic tools to ground, focus and awaken your psychic abilities

    2. STEP 1 & PSYCHIC TOOL #1: How To Use a Grounding Cord

    3. Additional Support Using Your Grounding Cord Tool

    4. Bonus Video: Psychic Fun With Grounding Cords

    5. STEP 2 & PSYCHIC TOOL #2: Replenishing Your Energy With The Golden Sun

    6. STEP 3 & PSYCHIC TOOL #3: The Center of Your Head

    7. Bonus Video For The Center of Head Tool

    8. Week One Psychic Tool Meditation Practice

    9. Homeplay For Week 1

    10. For Visual Inspiration: Images for Grounding And The Replenishing Golden Sun

    1. Psychic tools to help align your heart with the creative ideas of your mind

    2. STEP 5 & PSYCHIC TOOL #5: Balancing The Heart And Mind

    3. Heart & Mind Balance vs. Imbalance; Journaling Exercise

    4. Homeplay For Week 2

    5. For Visual Inspiration: Images For Heart & Mind Coherence

    1. Psychic and physical tools to awaken and harness your inner warrior for strength, endurance and courage

    2. Awakening Your Inner Warrior

    3. Homeplay For Week 3

    4. For Visual Inspiration: Images of Warriors

    1. Psychic tools to manage your energy better for self awareness, intuition, and self care

    2. Your Energy Field (Aura) and Your Boundaries

    3. Step 6: Protection Rose Psychic Tool

    4. Step 7: Blowing Roses Psychic Tool

    5. More Information About Blowing Roses

    6. Having Difficulty "Seeing" Psychic Energy? This Video Can Help!

    7. For Visual Inspiration: Pictures Of Roses & Sketches Of The Tools

    8. Homeplay For Week 4

Course Details

  • 6 Weeks Of Transformation
  • COMING SOON! A new 2022 updated course in the works!
  • Intimate Facebook Group For Attendees

What this course offers

Transform your inner and outer world with like-minded artists.

  • Breakthrough Limitations

    Get to the heart of why you haven't been able to move past the limitations that hold you back and use psychic tools to release them, for good!

  • Develop Your Natural Psychic Abilities

    Enhance your intuitive capabilities (like clairvoyance or clairaudience, as examples), and learn techniques on how to "see" energies once unknown to you.

  • Take Yourself and Your Art To The Next Level

    Learn a psychic meditation practice to keep you focused on where you are headed and the integrative tools to do the action steps to keep moving forward.


Join the community and book your seat today!

COMING SOON! A new, 2022 updated course is in the works!

Become the successful artist want to be!

With this power-packed course, it is my intention to support you with moving out of personal stagnation, negative beliefs that hold you back, and also any fears that stop you from your artistic greatness.

Transform in an atmosphere to provoke your artistic imagination and inspiration using psychic meditation tools to change your inner and outer world!

Do the inner work so you do LESS work on the outside!

Psychic meditation tools are visualization exercises to awaken your ability to "see" and sense energy in new ways. They can bring deep healing, clarity, enlightenment, and incredible shifts in your life.

I look forward to sharing this unique and exciting experience with you. 

It is my personal intention to share the tools I used to help me get out of my rut and into an exciting new life!


  • Do I need to have any abilities or psychic training to attend this course?

    Absolutely not! This course is for beginners and anyone who may have some psychic experience, ready to learn new meditation tools.

  • What if I am not a practicing artist but want to be and want to take this course?

    Then this course is definitely for you too. We will work on why you haven't made your art a priority and how you can start making it so.

  • What if I can't pay the full amount up front?

    Let's talk! Send me a private message at and let's talk about some options for you.

Chris Young-Ginzburg

Clairvoyant, Holistic Healer & Performer

Chris Young-Ginzburg a.k.a. Fluidgirl, is a well-rounded healer and performer. Starting out as a street dancer and clairvoyant healer in 2003 and currently, as a practicing DJ and Sound Healer, Chris offers her vibrational medicine as a teacher as well. Chris loves sharing her expertise as a clairvoyant with almost 20 years of experience. She continues to offer readings and share her psychic tools through guided meditation, Sound Healing experiences as well as workshops. In 2022 Chris (Fluidgirl) will be offering her skills as a clairvoyant teacher and also through music and sound experiences, so make sure to stay up to date with her classes and offerings via her website or her other social media contacts. ::Holistic Services:: ::Performer connect:: Instagram: Fluidgirl and Youtube: Fluidgirl


"Chris came highly recommended by a creative colleague and surpassed any expectations I could have had. Her calming and relatable personality helped me to see the best possible outcomes in my life and also empowered me to be strong yet stay loving." Nathan H.

More Testimonials

“Being a part of the Empowered Artist group and course has inspired me to believe in myself and keep on creating as an artist.”


“Chris is so amazingly creative that being around her creative energy is something that is very healing for me as I am trying to re-connect with my creative side. ”

Beth O.

“Working with Chris to develop my psychic tools has helped evolve my soul. It has helped me break through cycles that I have been stuck in that I didn't even know I was in.”

Sasha H.

“I am so grateful to Chris for being a beacon of light for me. She has a way of giving you positivity, good energy and making you feel at peace. ”

Sharlene M.

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Cancellation Policy for this course

If you would like to cancel the booking for the course, I require at least 5 days' notice before it begins to receive the full amount of whatever you have paid. Send me a message or call 415.513.2476 to make any changes. If it is after the 5-day notice, there are no refunds.